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Friday, July 14, 2023

Greed Bed Space Reselling Sparks Criticism Among BUK Students

  Bilal Abdullahi       Friday, July 14, 2023

In a disheartening display of greed and disregard for their fellow students, a number of individuals have taken advantage of the recently released halls allocation lists to resell their bed spaces at exorbitant prices.

The actions of these opportunistic few have drawn sharp criticism, raising questions about compassion, integrity, and the sense of community within the student body.

The situation unfolded barely 48 hours after the halls allocation lists were made public, leaving many students yet to complete their clearances and assess their assigned rooms.

Despite this, a disturbing trend emerged as some individuals sought to profit from their privileged positions, putting their bed spaces up for sale at inflated prices.

It is truly perplexing to witness such mischievous behavior and greed, especially in these trying times. One cannot help but ponder the absence of humanity and compassion among these students, as well as the erosion of values such as righteousness, spirituality, honor, and integrity. This raises concerns about the state of home training and the representation of cultural values.

Ironically, many students readily blame the government for bad governance, their parents for not providing a life of luxury without considering the source of funds, and their schools for fee increments. However, they fail to recognize the madness in their own attitudes and actions.

In the face of recent registration fee hikes, students have voiced their distress, claiming shattered dreams and threatening the well-being of themselves and their families.

Social media platforms have been inundated with posts blaming the institution, with some even suggesting that the university is out to harm them.

The level of agitation has reached such an extreme that students have relentlessly sought intervention from everyone, from heads of state to supernatural entities.

This prevailing atmosphere of discontent makes it all the more appalling that some individuals are willing to engage in bed space reselling.

Selling these spaces under normal circumstances may be understandable, such as when a student no longer intends to live in the hostel or decides to leave the school entirely for personal reasons.

However, to sell them at exorbitant prices as a business venture is a grave offense that warrants prosecution.

There is no justification for this practice, as it goes against the law. Selling a bed space acquired through legitimate means is akin to a landlord renting out an apartment and then subletting it to another party. It is an act of dishonesty and cheating.

Instead of exacerbating the situation, students should be supporting one another during these challenging times. Rather than complicating matters without remorse or consideration, we should embrace the opportunity to help those less fortunate.

It is crucial to remember that we are not so different from those we condemn; the only distinguishing factor is the opportunity we have been granted.

Let us put an end to the reselling of bed spaces. If one no longer requires a space, they should sell it at the originally acquired price or consider offering it to someone in need. Engaging in business transactions with these spaces is not only immoral but also in violation of school regulations.

It is time to reflect on our actions and think about the legacy we wish to leave behind. Perhaps, in the long run, the fee increment may be justifiable. However, we must not forget the most vulnerable members of our community who are struggling to cope. It is their plight that truly deserves our attention and support.

As students, we have the power to shape our university experience and create a positive environment for everyone. Let us rise above greed and inconsideration and demonstrate the true spirit of solidarity and compassion that should be the foundation of our educational journey.


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