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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Question of the day, na school be scam or the certificate?

  Bilal Abdullahi       Tuesday, October 29, 2019
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Hello guys it has been a while I dropped a post here. Hope you guys are doing well.

Your guy have been busy with final year project that is why I couldn't beat out my schedules to drop a new post here. But, as from today, trust me, I will never disappoint you guys.

First of all, introduction. 3 gbosaaaaa to our new visitors. You are all welcomed. We have a special seat for you guys. You can click HERE, or HERE even HERE to grab your seat. The seat plenty guy, no rush!!!!

 Ehe, I have this question to ask you guys today before my next topic. QUESTION OF THE DAY>>>> Na school be scam or na dey certificate?

When you see EFCC standing on your last card

Now, let us take a deep look into this question and don't forget to drop your opinion in a comment box below and share with good people on social media to hear their opinion as well.

In the 80s (stay silence if you were not born then) when we was little kids our parents used to advice us to be serious with our studies, they used to embrace Western Education.

During their time (meaning that when our parents was in primary/secondary school) they used to get job immediately after they graduated from college. Some of them were even been forced and threatened to start schooling so that they can unleash the beast after their graduation.

There was a lot of job opportunities, vacancies and indeed, they were trained thoroughly during their program. That is why they perform much more better in their place of assignments.

In fact, during their time, if you can speak English very well you will be appointed to work in a big government offices and organizations. That was in 80s-90s!
Now, things fall apart.

No jobs talkless of white collar jobs, no appointments talkless of vacancies, students are not giving good training, the colleges has turned to a business joints and students fudging certificates all around the Nation, Nigeria to be precise.

Those who were opportune to get job through corruption are now saying "it's a connection".

Now, everything is all about "who you know and who knows you".

Students and fresh graduates have started losing hope in their studies which makes about 90% of Nigerian students quoting "school na scam". Is it really true that school na scam or the certificate?

After your first semester and the school don tire you

The confusion here is that, in a normal circumstances, if you're really good and well trained in your profession you have 99% of getting job anytime and anywhere in your Nation or the world at large. Does that means those who couldn't get a job are not well trained?

Do they just grabbed the certificate and graduated from college and universities with 'tabula rasa' (empty brain) while their mates are rocking the benefits of their studies?

As a student or graduate trying to fly out of the college and join the battle of " labour market" what can you say about this quotation "school na scam" trending in Nigeria university campuses from nowhere.

Do you believe that those students getting white collar job after their graduation was as a result of "corruption" or "connection"?

In the context that most lower class students get job quicker than the first class students, in this case, those certificate reflect the knowledge and experiences of the students?

Now, base on your own reasonable thinking, what make school to be scam?

I will love to hear your opinion in a comment box below and don't forget to share this topic on social media.

Omo see naija, naija wey mumu, naija wey no fine

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See you in my next hot topic (when corruption favor a Nigerian it become a connection)

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  1. Hhhh guy school NA scam ooo.
    Hope you are in final year... After you graduate you will answer this question yourself. Prison life better pass labour market ooo.

    Yes I believe you. Some people get job through corruption but they will tell you that it's a connection.
    I would like to see your next post on this topic

    1. Thanks for your beautiful comment sir. Yes I'm in final year as you said..lol. We gonna join the labour market ASAP and may God bless our wahala.
      Anyway.. I will look forward to drop my next topic as soon as possible. Thank you!

  2. True talk school na scam. I you are looking for money with your certificate then stop school and learn how to be innovative ok!

    1. Thanks for your beautiful advice Mr Paul. Nice to have you on board. But sir, is it because there are no job vacancy that students are saying "school na scam" or there are job vacancy but someone must follow underground processes before he or she can get the job?

  3. School may be scam. But Education can Never be scam.
    Education is the soul of the society.

    1. You're right my boss in the house. Dailybukites, I would like to use this opportunity to introduce my Boss Legacy Benjamin (the author of referral hunter) to you guys,He is Nigeria no.1 referral master. The sponsored e-book on the home page was written by this great tech Blogger in Nigeria. You can meet him at legacytips.com

      But sir, as an entrepreneur, are you planning to work with government in the future and what will be your advice to our students on this platform?. Thank you!


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