Sunday, June 9, 2019


Download ChatBUK App For Free

Chatbuk app

ChatBUK is android application platform where users can meet new friends purposely to share knowledge and experiences.
With chatbuk students can connect or meet new friends from different faculties and universities, students can have access to career guides, entertainments, latest BUK news, data Awuf, and in-app e-commerce.

Also there is a sections for other users, meanwhile, even if you are not a BUK students you can as well download the app and rock some other app features, like viewing Livescore, watching latest comedies, access to data cheats and browsing tweaks updates, buy products from the app.

 In fact, you can do so much with chatbuk app. Hit a download link below to install our app. Also subscribe to this blog for Bukdaily updates. Thanks for visiting!

1. BUK FORUM  app users can discuss on important topics related to academic and social life.
2. PRIVATE DIALOG:  Users can chat with new friends and also engage in private chat
3. GROUP DIALOGUE: make friends from other chatbuk app users
4. CAREER GUIDE: have access to great articles that will give you opportunity to breakthrough your career challenges.
4. LATEST NEWS: find trending  news, campus lifestyle, academic updates, and entertainment.


1. DATA cheats, giveaway and browsing tweaks. Mtn,glo, etisalat and airtel data cheat updates.
2. Latest Comedies gadget. Watch superb and hilarious comedies on CHATBUK app.
3. Jumia affiliate marketing. you can now order jumia products on CHATBUK app and pay after delivery.

Please if you find it difficult to download the app inform us in a comment box below. We would try as much as possible to rectify the problem. BUKcares!
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