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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

FOR JJC: Everything You Need To Know About BUK Hostels Before You Apply Online

  Bilal Abdullahi       Wednesday, July 12, 2023

BUK Hostel

Bayero University Kano (BUK) is a renowned institution with three campuses: the Old Campus, the New Campus, and AKTH (College of Health Sciences). Each campus houses different faculties and departments, catering to various academic disciplines.

The Old Campus is home to faculties such as Basic Medical Sciences (BMS), Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. On the other hand, the New Campus accommodates most of the remaining faculties, except for those of Allied Health Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Dentistry, which are situated at the teaching hospital, AKTH.

BUK provides several hostels on its campuses to cater to the accommodation needs of its students. The allocation of hostel spaces is on a first-come, first-served basis, and a bedspace is a designated space within a room assigned to a specific student.

For male students on the New Campus, the hostels are as follows: Umaru Yar'adua for 100-level, Sa'adu Zungur for 200-level, Alhassan Dantata for 300-level, and Idris Garba & Elkanemi Halls for 400-level students. Dangote Hall accommodates 500-level students and spill-over students.

Female students on the New Campus have the following hostels: Gambo Sawaba for 100-level, Hasiya Hall for 200 and 300-level, Ramat Hall for 400 and 500-level, Matrons Flat for spill-over students, and Postgraduate Hall for postgraduate students.

On the Old Campus, the male hostels include Shehu Umar Hall (Block F, G, H) for 100 and 200-level students, Bello Kagara Hall (Block J, K) for 100 and 200-level students, Ibrahim Attah Hall (Block P, Q, R) for 300 and 400-level students, and Muhammad Rumfa Hall for postgraduate students.

The female hostels on the Old Campus comprise Nana Halls (Block A, B) for 400-level students, Block C for 300-level students, Block D for 200-level students, and Block E, S, and Hut for 100-level students. Amina Namadi Sambo Hall is designated for postgraduate female students.

To apply for a hostel, students need to collect a hostel form. The required documents for the form collection include the BUK Acknowledgement Slip (which contains the student's registration number), two recent passport photographs, and the JAMB admission letter or school admission letter (optional).

Once filled, the form must be submitted to the HOD/Level Coordinator's office for verification and signature before returning it to the hostel hall admin.

The list of successful hostel applicants is typically posted during the first week of lectures. The allocation is based on the student's level and the location of their faculty (either on the Old or New Campus). 

It's common for roommates to come from different faculties or departments, providing an opportunity to interact with students from diverse academic backgrounds.

Once the hostel list is released, students are expected to check their names and proceed to make the necessary payment for their allocated spaces.

For further inquiries, students can contact Alkasim Sani Maihula Maihula, who can provide additional information and assistance regarding the BUK hostels.

Overall, Bayero University Kano's hostel system strives to meet the accommodation needs of its students, providing a conducive environment for learning and fostering social interactions among students from various faculties and departments.

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