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Sunday, July 2, 2023

UK Quality Assurance Agency Grants International Accreditation to BUK Programmes

  Bilal Abdullahi       Sunday, July 2, 2023

Bayero University, Kano, a renowned institution in Nigeria, has achieved a significant milestone on its journey towards international recognition and excellence. The United Kingdom-based Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) has conducted a rigorous evaluation of the university's programmes for international accreditation.

The QAA experts, Julian Ellis and Dr Yue Song, embarked on a comprehensive review, delving into various aspects of the university's academic landscape. Their in-depth sessions covered crucial topics such as the quality of teaching and learning, the teacher-student relationship, accreditation processes, academic planning, and programme reviews, among others.

Throughout the evaluation, they engaged with the university's management, dedicated staff, and enthusiastic students to gain a holistic understanding of the institution's strengths and areas of improvement.

During the evaluation, Vice Chancellor Professor Sagir Adamu Abbas proudly highlighted the University's remarkable growth and achievements. With 15 research centers, 18 faculties, 92 departments, 99 undergraduate programs, 25 part-time undergraduate programs, and an impressive 200 postgraduate programs, Bayero University boasts a vibrant academic community.

Moreover, the University's commitment to excellence has earned it recognition, with a global ranking of 1,016 and being placed as the 4th best university in Nigeria by the Times Higher Education, UK.

Professor Abbas emphasized the University's dedication to adhering to due processes and established procedures in all endeavors, including program reviews, accreditation exercises, staff recruitment, and examinations.

This commitment to quality and transparency aligns with their vision to maintain international standards and foster a culture of accountability and excellence.

The decision to engage QAA for the accreditation process was driven by the University's belief that international quality review ensures the fulfillment of global standards. The Vice-Chancellor further explained that this evaluation allows prospective students and their families to place trust in the institution's educational offerings.

Accreditation not only leads to increased accountability but also enhances the overall quality of education. It serves as a magnet for attracting new students and forging more fruitful collaborations with other institutions.

The accreditation process involved a comprehensive virtual tour of the University's facilities, including its physical infrastructure, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, and well-equipped recreation centers. This tour was facilitated by Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academics, Professor Sani Mohammed Gumel, who presented an overview of the University's remarkable resources.

Additionally, other key figures such as Director CDA, Professor Jibrin Mohammed Jibrin, Director Academic Planning, Professor Haruna Musa, and Deputy Director Strategic Planning and Monitoring, Dr Yusuf Garba, actively participated in addressing the evaluators' inquiries, further showcasing the University's commitment to transparency and open communication.

The accreditation process was facilitated by the Centre for Dryland Agriculture (CDA) and the Africa Centre for Population Health and Policy (ACEPHAP), spearheaded by the Directorate of Academic Planning.

This initiative is aligned with the mandate of Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLI7) by the World Bank, aiming to establish Africa Centres of Excellence and drive international accreditation in their respective institutions.

As Bayero University, Kano, takes significant strides towards international recognition, this accreditation serves as a testament to its dedication to providing world-class education, fostering global partnerships, and nurturing a community of scholars who will positively impact the world.

With a bright future ahead, the University continues to inspire and empower students and faculty alike, setting new standards for academic excellence in Nigeria and beyond.


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