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Sunday, July 9, 2023

NUC Introduces CCMAS to Address Societal Needs: Insights from Prof. Okebukola

  Bilal Abdullahi       Sunday, July 9, 2023

In a bid to align university education in Nigeria with the evolving needs of society and address the prevalent insecurities and socio-economic challenges, the National Universities Commission (NUC) has introduced the Core Curriculum and Minimum Academic Standards (CCMAS).

Prof. Peter A. Okebukola, Chairman of the NUC Secretary Advisory Committee and Lead Consultant on the project, provided insights into the rationale behind this initiative during his keynote speech at the 55th Science Association of Nigeria (SAN) Annual Conference held at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

Prof. Okebukola emphasized that the development of the new CCMAS was a result of extensive and sustained stakeholder interactions spanning over two years.

During this process, the composition of each panel was carefully crafted to incorporate the triple helix model, which encompasses academic experts, academies, government representatives (NUC), professional bodies, and the private sector, represented by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).

The esteemed professor highlighted the importance of science and technology in addressing societal needs and global challenges.

He emphasized the need for public engagement and understanding of science and technology, enabling individuals to make informed decisions both personally and professionally.

Prof Okebukolaalso emphasized the crucial role of the Science Association of Nigeria in ensuring that governments base their decisions on sound scientific information. 

He urged the association to provide the latest scientific knowledge to advise the Senate on legislative matters pertaining to societal issues.

Furthermore, Prof. Okebukola recommended that the outcomes of SAN's 55th Conference be communicated to the President, Federal Executive Council, and the leadership of the National Assembly.

By doing so, the government would be better equipped to harness the power of science and technology for national development.

He further urged SAN to regularly develop policy briefs on relevant issues concerning national development, with a focus on science and technology, to be disseminated to the government and the general public.

In his address, Prof. Okebukola also highlighted the importance of international collaboration and urged SAN members to network with colleagues from outside Nigeria.

He encouraged the association to support members in attending workshops and conferences through sponsorship opportunities.

Additionally, he stressed the necessity of investing in both physical and virtual laboratories to enhance science education, foster problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and inspire students to pursue STEM careers.

To promote the application of scientific knowledge for the betterment of society, Prof. Okebukola urged SAN members to utilize their expertise in addressing global health, environmental, and economic challenges.

He shared his own teaching approach, known as the "Culturo-Techno-Contextual Approach (CTCA)," which incorporates African cultural contexts and humor to teach science subjects in secondary schools. 

According to him, this indigenous mechanism has significantly improved the teaching and learning of STEM subjects in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, distinguishing it from the approaches employed by the Western world.

In conclusion, the introduction of the Core Curriculum and Minimum Academic Standards by the NUC aims to enhance the responsiveness of university education to societal needs in Nigeria.

Prof. Okebukola's insights shed light on the comprehensive and inclusive approach taken in developing the CCMAS, emphasizing the importance of science and technology in addressing global challenges.

The Science Association of Nigeria has been called upon to play a crucial role in providing quality scientific information and influencing policy decisions.

By leveraging these initiatives, Nigeria can pave the way for a more prosperous and knowledge-driven future. Help us share this report using the buttons below! 


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