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Saturday, June 24, 2023

NITDA Director General Emphasizes Innovation as the Key to Nigeria's Progress

  Bilal Abdullahi       Saturday, June 24, 2023

Kashifu Inuwa highlights the significance of innovation at NPI Demo Day event in Lagos, pledges support for Nigerian startups.

Lagos, Nigeria - Kashifu Inuwa CCIE, the Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), delivered a compelling speech today at the NPI Demo Day event in Lagos, underscoring the pivotal role of innovation in propelling Nigeria towards its fullest potential as a nation. The event, aimed at recognizing groundbreaking technological solutions developed by Nigerian tech entrepreneurs, showcased the nation's growing prowess in the tech industry.

In his address, Inuwa emphasized that innovation must be the driving force behind progress, stating, "Innovation is the heartbeat of progress and the key to unlocking our fullest potential as a nation." He passionately expressed Nigeria's appreciation for the contributions of innovators and its unwavering commitment to fostering an enabling environment for startups. Recognizing the significance of technological advancement, Inuwa affirmed NITDA's dedication to supporting the growth and development of the Nigerian tech ecosystem.

The NPI Demo Day event provided a platform for Nigerian tech entrepreneurs to present their innovative solutions to a discerning audience. The showcased projects exhibited the diverse range of talent and creativity present in the country's tech industry. From groundbreaking applications to disruptive technologies, the event showcased the remarkable strides being made by Nigerian startups.

The grand finale of the event witnessed a moment of anticipation as Kashifu Inuwa and Aminu Umar-Sadiq, the Managing Director of the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA), took the stage to announce the winner of the challenge. In a gesture of recognition and support, Inuwa and Umar-Sadiq presented a symbolic cheque of $25,000 to the deserving winner. The monetary award serves as both an encouragement and a catalyst for the continued pursuit of innovation among the participants.

The NPI Demo Day event exemplified Nigeria's determination to harness its immense technological potential and create an environment where startups can thrive. Through events like these, the nation seeks to encourage and empower its tech entrepreneurs to develop groundbreaking solutions that can address pressing challenges and contribute to Nigeria's overall growth.

As the Director General of NITDA, Kashifu Inuwa CCIE has emerged as a champion of innovation, driving initiatives and policies that support the growth of the Nigerian tech ecosystem. His visionary leadership and commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation have positioned Nigeria as a burgeoning hub of technological advancement on the African continent.

With events like the NPI Demo Day, Nigeria continues to pave the way for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources and opportunities needed to transform their innovative ideas into tangible solutions. As the nation rallies behind its innovators, it is poised to harness the transformative power of technology and propel Nigeria to greater heights on the global stages.


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