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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

STUDENTS GIST: who is the best lecturer in BUK- the hot topic in BUK facebook group

  BUKdaily       Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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Two days ago, a student in Bayero University Kano, Hayatu lyrical posted a question "who is the best lecturer in BUK?" in the most popular BUK facebook group

(buk chat zone) which has turned into a topic of discussion. The question has got hundreds of interactions with about 372 comments and 415 likes.

We think this student, Hayatu Lyrical has touched the wound of many students in Bayero University Kano, as almost, all active students in the group were commenting with the lecturer's name, which to them, he or she is the best lecturer in Bayero University Kano.

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Well, to be recommended by your students as the best lecturer in a university is a great honor. It's not only base on how good you are academically, rather your character and how you interact with your students also matters, that is what will make a lecturer to be recommended as the best lecturer in a university.

A lecturer must be kind to his/her students and this has a great impact on students performance academically.

It's well known that if a lecturer is not kind to his/her students, the students will not find his/her class interesting which will

cause many students not to attend the class. Therefore, we expect each and every lecturers in Nigeria varsities to treat their students as expected.

During my secondary school the subjects that I mostly failed were given to the wicked teachers in my school. Most of them

always wanted you to fail, they are not happy when you hit a grade "A" in their subjects. They are the popular teachers in my secondary school because of their wickedness.

Conclusion: if your students can recommend you as the best lecturer in public, social media to be precise. What if you were remarked as the most wicked

lecturer in a university. I guess no lecturer will love to be recommended as the "most wicked lecturer" especially on social media.

As a student, why do you think that your lecture is "the best lecturer" in your university and what makes him to be the best lecturer?

Let us hear your answer in a comment section below!

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