Friday, September 20, 2019


New York Yankees vs. Blue Jays in Toronto: J.A. Happ vs. Jacob Waguespack Last night a lot happened


For the second successive season, the Yankees achieved 100 victories, and the Bombers have clinched the title of the AL East division for the first time since 2012. In the club house, champagne popped up and the celebration was seen throughout the social media.

With the magic number down to zero, the focus now shifts across the playoffs to which team will have home-field advantage, and that trip begins with the Yankees facing the Toronto Blue Jays at home.

Last week in Toronto, after losing a series against the Blue Jays, the Yankees will look to return the favor against a young talented offensive core that could have a significant impact on playoff alignment. This weekend, not only do the Blue Jays face the Yankees, but they're going to play against the Rays who're looking to lock a wild card place.

J.A. For the Yankees, Happ takes the mound, having shown some promise in his last few beginnings. Considering that Happ is a candidate to begin in a post-season match, we the Yankees will be looking for performances like those he had previously this month against Boston and Oakland.

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